I want peace; they say there can be no peace without war? I used to say visit Kenya. I don’t know your face I don’t know your color. I don’t care what region you come from but I know I elect you for a reason. I believe in you I have confidence that you will … Continue reading DEAR MR PRESIDENT


  In this romantically perplexed generation, I have always thought valentines was a sad excuse for hopeless romantics  to knock boots. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against that, but did it have to be a day!  If it was that important,why is it still not a national holiday here, but hey I don’t … Continue reading MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU AND YOURS

An Apology and A Plea


Black Man

“Currently our children are taught to love English because we associate English with intelligence. There are black parents who stop their children from speaking their mother tongue,” Harry Nengwekhulu.

I would like to begin this with a formal apology to you the youth of 1976, I am sorry that i just a shadow of your former selves. Even at ages below twenty you had the courage to stand up against an injustice against a less than inferior education that was forced on you.  When you did that you stood up because it was the right thing to do even though you were so aware of the danger of torture, imprisonment and even death that awaited you just because you decided to speak up. I on the other hand am the perfect image of the  modern day couch critic that complains about everything and never does anything, that is the thanks…

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A little over a week ago,at a family gathering , this 7 year old cousin of mine walks up to me and goes “Kendi kati ya wewe na Karimi nani mkubwa?”(Between you and your cousin Karimi who is older?) I almost poured my drink laughing….Uhm….me I said in confusion, trying to understand where he was … Continue reading THE OVERRATED GROWN UP


  If there is anything I took home from the Social good Summit last year is that  LEADERSHIP IS EVERYBODYS’ BUSINESS    Years after independence developing countries formerly referred to as third world countries have had a never ending battle against poverty, poor health, and increased mortality and morbidity rates and thanks to Industrialization we … Continue reading WHY YOU SHOULD CARE..


A few weeks ago my friends and I embarked on an unusually long journey to a place none of us had visited in the last four years or so. It was exciting to think of how much a good five years of separation can do to people. I was eager to see my classmates but … Continue reading THE BLACK DRESS REUNION

What happens when you flip a coin?

It starts like a dream. Everything just goes perfectly. You wake up as usual and do your daily preparations then you are out to make the world a better place the best way you know how. Everything from the moment you walk out of the house, just seems right. Too right? The sky is blue … Continue reading What happens when you flip a coin?